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TRIAL OF INJUSTICE(Independent film)


As we launch into this movie project, we appreciate the love and support. Any sized donation is greatly appreciated. 




On a Thursday morning in Banker, Alabama the body of a twenty-one year-old woman was discovered murdered. After the police and forensics inspected, with the help of eyewitnesses and fingerprints, the man responsible for the heinous crime was identified as Pastor Thaddeus Ganvis.

Charles 'Esquire' Everson, a man gifted with determination and an avenger of truth, became the most prestigious and sought after lawyer in the state of Alabama, due to his unwavering litigation skills. After finishing another victorious case, he returned to his office. 

As the day continued, he found himself logging into Facebook, and nearly dropped his phone when he discovered that his former pastor was arrested for first-degree murder.

Without a second thought, he flew to Banker, Alabama to prove the innocence of a godly man. Along the way he discovers the opposition that threatens.


Strong Christian Writing

Most of those who follow my reviews are more than aware that I’m an open Christian, but I’m not exactly into Christian writing. It’s just not my preference. Politics and crime are certainly not up my alley but I suppose every genre deserves a fair chance.

TK Ware did an excellent job in representing Christian fiction as well as crime and politics. I wouldn’t so much call this a political book as one focused on crime and justice but there’s always a bit of politics involved in the judicial system.

Trial of Injustice is a straightforward read. The title pretty much says it all but I think the blurb does the novel some justice. To be fair, the book is far better paced, written, and exciting than the summary provided and I think the summary is good so that’s a big complement. The plot revolves around a successful and headstrong lawyer who believes firmly in his faith and in the prevalence of justice. When his own pastor is accused of a heinous crime, waters are tested and faith is pushed to the limits.

What I liked most about this book was the anger. Anger at the system, anger at each other, anger at God. It felt very real and very serious, as it should have been. But I also liked the gentle moments, the belief in God, the unwavering faith that stood strong during the trials. It was a challenging book but in a way that required readers to challenge themselves by thinking like the protagonist. I definitely turned the pages, trying to get to the bottom of this murder mystery and found the development and progression to move swiftly but smoothly.

The characters were strong and their dialogue was realistic. I think I appreciated that the most; with a book based on such a controversy as murder, I expected some swearing from the characters—at least from minor characters who may not have been Believers—but it was a pleasantly clean read. I don’t use foul language in my every day speech, though I don’t mind much of it in books and movies, I felt proud to read such an intriguing adult novel minus the unnecessary F-bomb on every other page.

This is definitely a Christian book. There are different levels of religious writing and I think this one follows a more aggressive approach. I won’t say the faith is ‘in your face’ or ‘shoved down your throat’ but it’s strongly represented where you know—without a doubt—the author is Christian and the material is meant for a predominantly Christian audience. I liked the representation of the faith, even as someone who doesn’t always enjoy religious writing. The message was that justice, through faith in God, can prevail. In the world that’s playing out today, I think that message should be screamed from the tops of mountains.

If you want a solid read with strong characters and good plot development, then this will intrigue you. Christian readers will appreciate this book far more than others but if you don’t mind reading books by religious authors then you might enjoy this crime thriller. The plot will most definitely draw anyone in.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*