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Linda Guillard Pugh is a licensed therapist, educator, and author. She has been married to her husband Christopher for thirty-two years. Together they have two adult daughters, Sheena and Raven, one teenage son, Christopher II, one son-in-love, Charles, and one grandbaby, Zion. 

Linda’s greatest passion involves helping people to create the life they desire by finding emotional, mental, social, and spiritual wholeness.

Why leave your life to chance? Why stay in the storm and suffer needlessly? Learn how to trust your Faithful Father to mend every broken piece of your life and guide you safely to the other side.

Linda has spent the last 7 and a half years as a professional counselor, but she has lived most of her life encouraging women and children to do the hard work to obtain the life God has ordained. 

Now, in this highly informative work, she shares how you can overcome every storm in life and rise above it stronger and better than before.