Tshombye Kentrell Ware was raised in Albany, Ga. In his earlier years, signs of the gift emerged through various arts. As the years progressed, so did his creativity, whereas he moved to the city of Macon, Ga. A few years later, following graduation of high school, everything changed when Christ entered his life. As if the lock to a rare treasure was opened, Kentrell launched forward in the spiral of inspiration, fueled by a burning passion of the gospel. This leading to the creation of a Christian CD entitled "L.O.C" The Love of Christ. As the door to inspiration continued to open, Kentrell became drawn toward writing; which led to his inspired creations.

T.K. Ware’s style of writing brings a fresh perspective of faith-based books, in which he calls, Suspense with Soul. His inspired writings weave together reality with the supernatural, in hope to plant a seed of the gospel.

El' Keturah Scandrett

El' Keturah Scandrett is a young woman with a heart for the youth. Her life is a testimony of God's grace and mercy.  She is poet, author, and a young woman of God with a heart of compassion for the youth.

George A. Stringer

George A. Stringer is  young man with a heart of compassion, seeking to inspiring others through his fictional stories of hope.  Everything he has accomplished is due to his relationship with Christ.

DJaniera K. Hines

DJaniera K. Hines  is  young woman with a heart of determination, seeking to inspire others with comforting words through her experiences. 

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